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        Lighting up streets and roads enhance the comfort, security and overall safety of our rapidly growing urban environments. Philips Solar GreenVision Xceed makes an affordable solar LED road lighting solution that delivers sufficient light on your roads. It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications, and higher efficiency to save panel size and battery capacity in solar lighting system. With its die-cast aluminum housing and Philips LED platform, it is easy to maintain, has a long lifetime and a consistency you can count on. It also offers 3 housing sizes and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations and conditions. Owing to the Philips latest hybrid charge controller, it still could work on AC grid. GreenVision Xceed offers 30% of cost savings compared to outdated solar lighting, making it the perfect sustainable lighting solution for any emerging metropolis.


        Solid die-cast housing design with high ingress protection (IP66) and excellent thermal management ensure long life time for fixture
        World class, fully approbated quality components (LED’s/drivers/etc.)World class, fully approbated quality components (LED’s/drivers/etc.)
        Tool-less opening of the housing and plug play design bring easy maintenance


        Maximized energy saving with full compliance to road lighting safety standards due to the dedicated lens with accurate design
        Superior W/m2 performance delivered through different optics for greater flexibility to fit different road applications
        Complies fully with M1 to M5 safety and road lighting standards in terms of luminance, uniformity and glare control
        High quality neutral white light with high color consistency


        City main road and high road
        Minor road
        Industrial park road
        Residential road
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